Learn to customize ATVs and 4x4 trucks

You know that is cool to have an ATV or 4×4 truck, but you still need to take care of it so read this tips to make an idea about it.

  1. Add an armrest container, truck cab organizer or a cab pack just under the seat in order to have more storage. Protect your trucks back with a cover or a locked box.
  2. For more grip on the road in winter weather install chains to the tires.
  3. If you like extreme off road driving, you’d better get yourself a winch or tow strap. This way you know you won’t remain stuck in mud.
  4. You can’t always rely on your cell phone; it may run out of coverage. So get yourself a CB radio and this way you will always reach someone.
  5. After you decide on what terrain you will drive on, get yourself the appropriate tires for the road.
  6. Increase the clearance still further adding smoothness to the ride by installing a suspension kit, like a lift kit.
  7. You don’t want your brakes to fail in hard situations, so upgrade the brakes too for more safety.
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