Learn to hook a trailer to a truck

If you have a hitch that matches your truck and trailer ends it will be easy to hook the truck trailer to tow large sized items. But depending on the weight of the trailer and what you will carry and even the towing capacity of the truck, the hitch you need may be different.

Follow these steps:

  1. First check that the sizes of the ball and coupler on the trailer and truck match.
    If you have a hydraulic brake on the hitch coupler, fill its reservoir with brake fluid.
  2. To position the vehicle right you should have the tongue of the trailer upwards, in order to be above the tow ball. Now you will need a helper to assist you while you try to position the truck’s ball exactly under the trailer’s coupler. You move the truck back and he will tell you when to stop.
  3. The trailer hitch has a latch. Open it and move the trailer down onto the ball of the tow vehicle using the trailer jack. You don’t close the latch until you completely fit the ball into the coupler. After you raise the jack completely, you close the coupler latch and you lock it.
  4. Now you have to add the safety chains. You do this by connecting the chassis of the truck with the chains that you will cross around the trailer tongue. Make sure the chains aren’t too tight for sharp turns but still tight enough.
  5. Verify that after you connect the plug of the trailer to the truck, the electrical functions work properly.
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