Learn to produce vinyl bumper stickers

You can express yourself in almost any way by creating your own bumper stickers. Use them for your business; express your personality with them, anything. Buying bumper sticker paper is now easier than ever with all the online vendors or even from local office supply stores.

This way you can create the sticker home.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use templates from you word processing program. You can use any font any color and any text you want.
  2. Before printing on the sticker paper, run a few tests on plain paper. See how it goes. When you are satisfied with the result insert the bumper sticker paper and print your design to it.
  3. Create two stickers by cutting the bumper sticker along the perforation through the half. Leave the backing attached.
  4. Take a clear contact paper and after you peel its backing off lay the bumper sticker facing down onto this contact paper. Avoid air bubbles by pressing easily from right to left. When you’re done cut around the bumper sticker.
  5. Before attaching the sticker to the bumper, wash it and then dry its surface. Apply the sticker again with attention to avoid air bubbles.
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