Learn to put vinyl on car window

Having a distinct decorative piece on your car brings out you personality and give the people around an idea about you. That piece can be a vinyl sticker. Having to choose from a big variety of sizes and colors, you can get them from any vendor specialized on such things, or you can do the design yourself if you like creating.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use water and soap and clean the surface where you want to put the sticker. Wash it good and then dry the surface with a paper towel.
  2. Get the decal, and remove its backing by separating it from the decal. Be careful with it or you could damage it. Remove it slowly.
  3. Before placing the decal in position, you have to spray the surface of the back of the decal and the place you want to put it on with water.
  4. After applying it you have to remove any trapped air and water. To do so take a squeegee and start pressing it to the decal starting from the interior and advancing to the sides. Remove all water and air.
  5. Take off the front adhesive part. To do that peel it in a corner with your fingernails and after that pull it slowly. In the end spray the decal with water and clean it. Dry the decal finally.
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