Learn to tint you car's windows

  1. The first thing you should do is check the legal regulations regarding car window tinting, because in some states this is forbidden, or it is only allowed in the back. As a hint, you should ask auto professionals because they know these things.
  2. Clean the surface of the window very good before tinting it.
    In cellular phone or satellite antenna components area, they need cleaning too.
  3. Cut a piece of tinting film into the inside of the window shape. It’s better to make a model with a piece of nylon paper and then put this over the tinting film. When you are sure it’s the right size just cut through the tinting film
  4. Before placing the tint sheet on the window, spray some water with soap on it, and pull back the first third of the sheet. Spray adhesive solution over the tint and make sure the edges are firmly glued. Also be careful for air bubbles.
  5. The moment you have placed the sheet perfectly, pat down to solution with a squeegee. Eliminate the moisture. Be careful not to rip the film.
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