Learn to use the circuit expression to make car decals

The circuit expression is a tool that you can use to decorate homes, craft and also cars. This is basically a cutting tool that can cut through cardstock, poster board, vellum and vinyl. The last one can help you for decorating your car with decals.

Follow these steps:

  1. Buy your vinyl in the desired color from any vendor. These days you can find vinyl almost everywhere. Getting outdoor vinyl is more recommended for cars.
  2. Set the cutting size of the circuit expression to 12-by-12 inch or 12-by-24 inch.
  3. Take the vinyl sheet you bought and put in the cutting mat and into the die cutting machine.
  4. Modify the blade depth setting to 6 and the pressure to 2 or 3. This way you only cut the vinyl and not the backing.
  5. Press CUT after you select your design on the machine.
  6. Now to apply the decal, remove the background around your vinyl decal from the mat and leave only the sticker there.
  7. Put a transfer tape with the adhesive part face down on the sticker.
  8. The surface where you will apply the sticker must be clean. So wash it with water and soap. Then dry it.
  9. Rub the back of the tape a few times and peel it away without taking away the sticker too.
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