Main components of a car audio system

In order to get the best sound out of a car audio system, there are certain components that have to be installed and adjusted accordingly.

There are many products that can be added to a car audio system. You can even add a video system that goes along with the audio system.

No matter the numerous products, there are certain components that must be installed with a stereo system.

The main component of the car audio system is the head unit, that is the in-dash radio source unit, CD player or stereo. The stereo controls the music, the settings for sound, and it interfaces with data on CDs and MP3 players. They also have a display where you can see what is being played.

The newer CD players have a USB to connect to an i Pod, a multi-disc changer and a face that can be detached. The price varies according to the features.

Speakers represent a necessary component for a car audio system, as without them the system won’t work. The coaxial speakers are those that are installed in the factory when buying the car. They consist of a woofer and a tweeter located on top of the woofer.

Component speakers are more complex and they have the woofers and the tweeters separated. According to their quality, they can be quite expensive.

The amplifier is a component that you must have because the speaker systems need it in order to work. They are basically the power of the stereo system.

Sub-woofers pound and bump the sound. They reproduce  the deepest and lowest sounds. According to the available space you will see what size and enclosure type you need for your system.

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