Make sure no air bubble ruins the vinyl car sticker

There is one common problem that interferes with the vinyl sticker: air bubbles. They situate underneath the sticker and because of it the desired look is destroyed. Besides it might even stick wrong and fall.

The ending result is taking the vinyl graphic down because it looks actually worse than without it.

But there are solutions that will lead you to stick the vinyl graphic without any problem. Just be patient and follow these steps:

  1. The primary objective is to clean and dry the car perfectly. There should be no trace of dust or dirt. Anyway, make sure you don’t use cleaners containing ammonia; this will prevent the glue from sticking
  2. Second is the environment temperature. It’s best to do the job at a warm temperature because it fits better.
  3. Use some tools to smooth the sticker, a plastic card like a credit card or driver license are just fine, or for larger areas use a squeegee.
  4. To make sure no air bubble remains, start the sticking from the middle and easily go to the exterior. This way you can remove any air that enters.
  5. With air bubbles that are hard to remove, use a hair dryer to heat the area.

To obtain the perfect result just follow this steps correctly. Vinyl stickers are now a very good way to increase the cars appeal. It’s also easy to do; the only thing that could ruin the image is the air bubbles that can enter beneath the sticker.

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