Make yourself a car seat cover

You can add personality and uniqueness to your car with a self made seat cover. Being able to choose any color, pattern, or type of material, using your imagination is the only thing that keeps you from making your own seat cover. It doesn’t take more than one afternoon and the outcome will be very comfortable and durable and also eye catching.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make your pick regarding the material you will use. Choose from fabrics like denim, plush, leather, mesh, polyester, suede, velvet. Be sure to take into consideration all the preferences of the people who ride in those seats and yours too. Check the web for more details about the fabrics.
  2. Measure the seat you will create a cover for and leave an extra 1 ½ inch for sewing. Don’t mess up the measurements because this is the most important part. If you measure wrong the material won’t fit.
  3. After you delimited the measurements on the fabric with a pencil, cut through those lines. Normally you end up with several pieces needing to be put back together.
  4. Now use the straight pins to connect the pieces before sewing them together. Turn the material inside out in order to have the seam on the inside part.
  5. Now just run the pieces through the sewing machine. Go slowly and always keep one hand on the fabric to make sure it sews correctly. Cut holes for the safety belts too.
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