Making your own design for vinyl stickers

  1. Think about the design you want to use. Very common and easy are the high contrast images with vibrant colors and clean edges. You can scan images and use them.
    Print them several times on the same paper.
  2. Maybe you want to start a design from scratch. For that you can use the computer and the design programs especially for this job. You can make experiments with all the colors you want and make sure that the printer you use if gives high quality color images.
  3. After that check the size of the design. Vinyl sheets are usually the same size as 8 ½-by-11 inch papers which is the paper size you use in your printer.
  4. If you computer has built-in templates for stickers you should transfer the design from your illustration or scanning program.
  5. Place the vinyl sheet in the printer and run a test page to verify the quality.
  6. The stock you choose may not be scored for separation so separate the stickers with a cutter if so.
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