Offer cheap car accessories as gifts

If there is a car enthusiast in your life and you need to give him a gift, then the solution is cheap car accessories. You have a very big variety of enhancements to choose from and the internet is full of them.

As many drivers own iPods, cell phones and stuff like this, they could use a cell pad.

This is used to hold the iPod or phone in place on the dashboard, preventing it from sliding around.

Another cheap accessory you could buy is the Wrap for auto security. After mounting it to the steering wheel it is holding it, protecting it from theft. An alarm goes off when someone forces it and alerts the people around.

Another thing enthusiasts don’t like is rusty plate numbers. So you could get them a new license plate frame. The kit contains a piece of clear lens and a frame with a self-sealing rubber gasket keeping the license plate clean.

These are all ideas that are not commonly used by ordinary people but car enthusiasts and anyway, the intention matters most.

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