Safer roads with Xenon technology

Xenon headlamps! They produce 3 times more light than halogen ones and consume 2 time less energy. More and more cars have them, starting to appear around all cars not only expensive ones.

One important advantage offered by xenon headlights is the bright and white light.

It helps the driver focus on the road better and also increases visibility make the road a lot safer.

In opposition to halogen bulbs, you have more time to react at the sight of road markings and signs because the light is projected farther and wider.  As many of the road accidents occur because of the poor visibility, especially at night, the new xenon improvements help you see any obstacle a lot sooner and avoid it.

To really have the best performance, the Europeans also include a headlamp cleaning system and an automatic leveling system.  The really cool stuff is the DBL (Dynamic Bending Light) which is a new technology that bends the light beam on the same time and direction with the steering of the wheel, increasing visibility 9 times!

Xenon is hard to purchase especially because of the high price. And normal halogen headlights cannot be converted into xenon. Even expensive car ask for extra money if you want bi-xenon installed. But in time hopefully everybody will have access to this technology to increase the road safety.

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