Should it be a canvas convertible or vinyl convertible?

There is one question when it comes to buying a new convertible car top, that is: what material should it be. Well the decision is between canvas and vinyl. In the end the only thing that matters is personal taste, not longevity or durability.

Eventually enjoying the ride with the top down can be done with either material.

Here is a comparison between the two materials:

  1. Look. This category is won by canvas convertibles definitely. it depends on the brand used but in the end they all give the car that classic look. On the other hand the vinyl looks good too but not classic.
  2. Sound. Well, again canvas seems to be the better choice because the wind will make less noise than with a vinyl convertible. The only thing making you choose the vinyl is if you always ride with the top down.
  3. Cleaning. At last vinyl takes the first place in this category. It’s easier to clean tree sap or bird droppings, things that get deep into the canvas. Even so if you take care of them they can last very long.
  4. Price. The canvas seems to be more expensive. This may be the reason to choose vinyl, but if you are willing to pay more if you think canvas fits you better, you should.
  5. Environment. This refers to where you keep the car when not driving. If in a garage, then a canvas top is easy to maintain good looking. The vinyl on the other hand can handle hard conditions better. But the best would be if the weather allows you to ride with the top down all the time.

Now, any material you choose you will still be able to enjoy your ride!

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