Some common statements about Xenon Lights

For some time, people have been using Xenon light sources in everything starting with their homes. Now here are some statements you should now about xenon lights:

– Xenon fixtures contain xenon gas that was put inside the light bulb

– This gas enlarges the lasting life of the light, which is, depending on the lamp, from 8000 up to 20000 hours

– The temperature of a xenon bulb is significantly smaller than the classic halogen one

– You can dim a xenon lamp, and this will also increase its life

– The dimmer should be compatible with the transformer of the lamp. So, for an electronic low voltage transformer use a dimmer designed specifically for it and do the same for a magnetic transformer or if the lamp is line voltage.

-Xenon light is something like the daylight. It looks cooler than the incandescent lamps but warmer than the halogen.

– A xenon lamp can be touched by the bare hands and won’t fail premature

– The halogen lamp can be replaced with the xenon lamp if they have the same wattage, voltage, type of base.

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