Splash guards as auto accessories

Vehicles have them for protection against dirt, slush or other debris that may get on the tires. Mud flaps are usually not so popular among people but they have become another form of automotive self-expression.

In the past Bill Zinda of Wiz Enterprises created a character to promote his line of truck and auto accessories.

This character is known as “The Mud Flap Girl”. Besides her other characters like Yosemite Sam or Duffy Duck or Tweety Bird were used in mud flaps as custom figures.

You can choose any character or design to use as custom mud flaps as long as the law permits it. This is why manufacturers everywhere took advantage of this and are offering a large variety of customized mud flaps also offering the protection that they are intended to.

Company cars this days use such customized mud flaps as a way to advertise. You must have noticed when stuck in traffic that they are very appealing. It’s a great way to promote the company name and telephone number.

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