The legality of HID kits and Xenon bulbs

Since their introduction on the car industry, especially on luxurious cars, HID xenon lights became what every driver wants on his car. Offering 3 times more light than the halogen lights with 10 time’s longer life-time they seemed to be very cool.

With all the market developing new HID kits, the question was:  Are they legal? Well, apparently, they’re not.

But it’s not that simple, there are some rules that must be analyzed carefully.

So, to have HID kit installed legally, you must have self leveling headlights, with a self cleaning option and the European standard “E” marked on. But even with these rules, the Department of Transport says that it is forbidden to change the halogen headlights already installed with HID bulbs.

The question is how do you keep your car legal and still install xenon headlights. You can talk to the manufacturer and change your halogen kit with an HID one, from the factory, if possible. But this may be very costly.

The cheaper solution is to change your halogen bulbs with xenon bulbs. This isn’t the same as the HID xenon kit, but is completely legal and still provides more light.

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