Use vinyl car wrapping to advertise for your business

How many of you don’t use your car to advertise for your business? And how many have heard about car decals and car wrapping? But the important thing is which one is a better solution?

Comparison between vinyl car wrap and car Decal

The difference between these two is that car decals are not used for big, curved areas, like the hood or the bumpers, whereas car wrapping is. The car wrapping is performed using a grey backed adhesive. The air bubbles are smoothed because of the air egress channels in the adhesive.

You can heat the car wrap and use it in any complex curved area of the car. It actually looks like it’s painted. And if you want to resell the car, all you have to do is take the wrap down.

This turn out to be the best solution to advertise for your business. Clients are very impressed with these thing, they are not impressed by a car decal or magnets. The thing is car wrapping is more expensive and goes to 2500$ – 3000$. But it lasts up to 5 years, which means it’s a long time investment in advertising that really worth’s.

The image in the car will have a big impact on clients. The things they have to take from the advertise is : what your business does, and your contact details.

Use this for targeting your clients. You can park your car wherever you think your possible clients are. This way you maximize the advertising effects.

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