Ways for cooling the interior of the vehicle

Vehicles are a big investment, reason why we try to keep them as long as possible. It’s important to maintain a high trade or resale value of the vehicle, particularly when considering the cost of a replacement vehicle. The value of the vehicle lowers if we have cracked or faded interior.

One way to maintain a high resale value of the vehicle is using the sun shield. Put the sun shield on the front window every time you are parking the car in direct sun. The UV shades have a silver reflecting coating that reflects the sunlight off the vehicle, protecting the interior of the vehicle. The sun shields prevent the fading and cracking of the interior. Moreover, due to the fact that the sunlight is reflected off the vehicle, the inside temperature is reduced. In this way you prevent hot or scorching seats or a burning steering wheel. The sun shield also maintains a cooler temperature inside, so you won’t have to use the air conditioner to have a bearable temperature inside.

The sun shields are extremely easy to install. All you have to do is to line up the outer edge with the inside of the windshield. The gravity will hold the shields. When you have to go, all you have to do is to remove them from the windshield, fold them and store it.

The  windshield keeps your car cooler. It is made from triple laminated construction and it has sturdy foam core. The outer surface has a silver reflective material coat and the inside is built from a soft material.

Thus, for keeping the interior of your car away from cracking or fading of the materials, always use windshield sun shade.

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