Xenon bulbs or halogen bulbs for your car?

Late driving sometimes is very difficult only because the lights don’t give enough performance. But the problem is you can replace the old halogen bulbs with new xenon ones and it is completely legal and safe.

The halogen gas was used in the past to fill the glass bulb so the lights would be much brighter than the light made by incandescent lights.

But now to improve even more, instead of halogen, xenon gas was used.  The light produced is brighter and whiter and very intense.

Because of the metal filament upgrade added to xenon gas, now xenon bulbs produce a light that projects 35 meters farther than halogen bulbs.

The replacement is the easiest thing to do, because the modifications are only made inside the bulb section. So just remove the old halogen headlight and mount the improved xenon one.

The compatibility with your car is perfectly the same as for the halogen lights; therefore no modifications must be made to your car. You will notice the lights will help you see farther and wider, and no more will driving at night be unsafe.

So the answer to our question seems simple now. Xenon bulbs are definitely over halogen. It is only your choice, after further consulting, to decide what you want for your car and your safety.

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