Xenon lights – a must have

It is obvious that xenon headlight became the ordinary choice for every car. There’s no point in asking why; but because of the confusion that still exist among people, here is some information about the HID technology.

– There is nothing above the HID lights, them being the latest technology available.

  To identify a car with xenon lights, look for the bright white light that appears to have a blue hue around it. The difference between xenon and halogen is that xenon turns off immediately unlike halogen that takes a few seconds.

– The HID doesn’t have a metal filament that heathens the gas, but high voltages spark that activates the xenon gas. In the end the metal halide in the bulb produces the light.

– The benefits are obvious. It produces up to 3 times more light than the halogen headlight, offering greater visibility and more safety when driving at night.

– You can modify your old headlights very easy. You can install an HID conversion kit or just simply replace the old bulbs with new xenon ones.

– Now there is the problem with the HID kit. It is not road legal, and your insurance could be invalidated. The normal xenon bulbs are easy to install and are also legal, but they won’t give the same performance as the HID conversion kit.

So, definitely xenon headlights offer a lot more advantages than halogen headlights, more safety when driving, a better look, and definitely more light on the street. So if you didn’t have them from factory, you can easily replace them.

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