Learn to fix over steer in cars

Over steer, as opposed to under steer, involves reaching the traction limit in corners. There are some factors that cause over steer: the engine layout, the distribution of weight in the front or rear area of the car, the type of tires and the setup of the chassis. Anyway, the driver can prevent over steer.

Follow these steps:

  1. It’s more likely that over steering may appear if you are driving too close to the grip limit. To recognize an over steer watch the rear of the car if it destabilizes and loses grip on the road, or another case implies the spinning around of the car with you in front of the inside of a curve.
  2. In case you get in the cornet with too much speed, release the acceleration and wait to gain back control at the back of the car. In case the rear traction of the car is damaged, your car could be very powerful requiring a smaller amount of aggression from you as a driver. Where over steering occurs, always keep the wheels facing the direction you wish to go to. A technique like this is called counter-steering. In case you don’t do this, you most likely will start spinning.
  3. To simply avoid an over steer, enter into corners with normal speed. Just go slow enough to maintain the grip on the road.
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