Steps to clear diesel fuel

Not cleaning off the diesel fuel or leaving it sitting for a longer period of time on the paint, may result in the eating of the finish or in a dull spot. If the diesel fuel is properly removed, it does not represent a threat at all. Therefore, remove the diesel fuel from the paint using a soap or a detergent that have this property and the finish of your car will remain as new.


What to Use: dish soap or detergent, tissue, hose with sprayer head.

  • Take a bucket of water and add one cap full of detergent or one tbsp. of soap. Stir.
  • Try to wash as much as possible the diesel fuel spot by spraying the water around the spot, so that you make sure you cover the entire area where the fuel got in contact with the paint.
  • Take the tissue and dip it into the water. Try not to wring it out too much, so that the soapy mixture reach the fuel spill area.
  • When washing the affected area use gentle circular movements.
  • Wash lightly the issue in the soap water.
  • Wash twice the same area in order to be sure that the fuel was removed.
  • Wash lightly the car with water in order to remove the soap.
  • Wipe the car with a clean tissue in order to remove the spots made by water.
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