Bleed the brake lines without an assistant

The maintenance of the brakes is very important for your safety. Change the brake pads as the wear out, but also change the brake fluid because it gets contaminated. Usually it takes two persons to bleed the brakes efficiently, but you can still perform this job if you are alone.

Follow these steps:

  1. Raise the car’s hood and open the cap of the master cylinder.
  2. Before jacking the vehicle and placing it on jack stands, loosen the lug nuts that hold the wheels. Now remove the wheels
  3. Connect the pump’s hose to the bleeder valve. Seal the pump and valve by squeezing it.
  4. Open the valve of the bleeder
  5. Pull the fluid from the valve by squeezing the handle on the pump. Be careful to keep the level in the master cylinder at least half full while bleeding.
  6. If needed fill the reservoir with fluid. Stop when the fluid coming through the valve and free of air bubbles.
  7. Use an adjustable wrench to close the bleeder valve. Disconnect the pump from the valve. Put back the wheels and tighten the lug nuts.
  8. Get the car back on the ground and put back the cap on the master cylinder.
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