Convert your Chevy’s drum brakes to disc brakes

It’s essential to have good brakes for your safety. It’s safer to have disc brakes rather than drum brakes because they tend to heat harder, and evidently stop the car easier. You can find conversion kits for you Chevrolet drum brakes on the market.

Follow these steps:

  1. Lift the car with a floor jack and put it on stands. After that remove the wheels.
  2. First remove the brake drums and after the emergency brake cables. Pull the brake line from the wheel cylinder and be careful to plug it before it leaks brake fluid.
  3. Remove the bolts that hold the backing plate to the axle with an appropriate socket and wrench.
  4. You may need to hit the axle with a hammer to remove it, if not simply pull them.
  5. Remove the nuts and washer and square-shaped axle bolts. Wash the pieces because you will reuse them.
  6. Push back the spacer ring into the axle bearing cup and seat it firmly.
  7. Attach the new parking brake assembly to the axle plate and use the clean bolts. Line up the axle splines to put the axle back into place. After that push the bearing into the bearing cup and seat the bearing by fixing the bolts. Tighten the nuts on the bolts very hard.
  8. Over the centering ring on the axle flange install the new spacer. Fix the rotor on the axle flange with three lug nuts. On both sides of the rotor you should place the caliper and center it over the rotor with the necessary bolts.
  9. It’s time to mount the brake pads. The quick clip retainer will lock them.
  10. Bleed the brake system after you reinstall the brake line. Put back the wheels and put the car on the ground.
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