Means to fix car dents damaged by hail

Hail can cause many inconveniences not only to vehicles, but also to estates and to people. The vehicles that are prone to be damaged by hail are those that have dents in the body. Since the removal of the dents can be quite expensive, you can learn how to do it by yourself.
You will only need a couple of pressurized air cans, some regular tools and just a bit of skill.

Items To Use: cleanser, tissue, paper towel, a cord for extension, hair dryer and pressurized air can.

  • Firstly, carefully clean the dented area. It is not necessary to use a special vehicle cleanser. You can as well clean the area with warm water and some detergent. Insert the cleaning tissue into the solution, rub the affected area and then wipe it with the paper towel. Make sure that the area is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.
  • Park the vehicle near a socket. Use an extension cord if needed.
  • Next, to remove the dent, you need the hair dryer and the pressurized can. It is important to have it at hand as the work has to be done quite quickly.
  • Focus on the center part of the dent and turn on the hair dryer to the maximum level so that the metal will be heathen properly. It may take around 3 minutes.
  • After turning off the hair dryer, take the pressurized air can, keep it upside-down, so that it will eject liquid cold carbon dioxide, and point it to the heated area for about 30 seconds. The dent will pop out once the cold liquid interacts with the hot area. After the dent pops out you have to stop applying the air. To end the job, wipe the area with a tissue in order to remove any residue left.
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