Replace your air brake's slack adjuster

If you want to replace your vehicles slack adjuster you need to follow some simple steps.

Find a good working place to park the vehicle and block its wheels. There’s no need to use jack stands.

Pull the first gear and turn off the engine. If you change the trailer’s slack adjuster then you should pull out the tractor brake knob and depress the brake valve on the dashboard to release the air supply from the trailer brakes. If you want to change the tractors slack adjuster do the same procedure but reversed.

Now after locating the air supply tank within the faulty adjuster you must open the tank valve to release the air out of the supply line of the brake chamber. You can also bleed the air out is you loosen the air-line fitting on the affected wheel’s brake chamber.

The next step is to slide out the cotter key from the pin that is attached to the clevis. You need to disconnect the adjuster from the “S” cam by removing the bolt that connects them. Now replace the slack adjuster. After this tighten the adjustment bolt from the off side of the adjuster.

For the newer adjusters, you need to rotate the bolt clockwise until it’s fully tighten and then back it up a little to depress it. To keep the adjuster safe it will need regular adjustment.

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