3 categories of 4x4 trucks

Heavy duty 4×4 trucks

In the past single heavy duty diesel could be seen performing different jobs for different industries. But today each industry has its own modified 4×4 truck. In construction hauling are used specialized flatbeds and for landscaping trucks there are a lot of load structures.

These are not aftermarket modifications anymore. They come directly from factory produced by major manufacturers.

Fun 4×4 trucks

Either lowered trucks designed for on-road racing or huge jacked up trucks there is a huge variety of trucks out there. The difference from industry trucks is that these are still custom made with aftermarket accessories.

But this need for modifications got to the creating of a new industry that creates these parts and tools used for customization.

Classic trucks

They are special because of their purity of mechanics. This is what makes a truck such a fascinating hobby. So if you really want to appreciate what can be done to a 4×4 truck think about exploring the other enthusiast categories.

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