Cleaning vans

Vans are large vehicles that are quite difficult to clean. It’s important to create a system and to follow it in order to easily succeed in cleaning the vans. Take steps or maintenance, like clearing out clutter inside and hosing of the outside of the van.

What to use: water hose, safety stool, wash bucket, auto soap or cleaner for exterior, automotive scrub brush, tire cleaner, tire scrubber, trash bags, vacuum, cleaning supplies for interior, glass cleaner, paper towels or cloths.

How to clean the outside

  • To clean the excess dirt and debris you need a water hose. Begin with the bumper, at the front of the van, grill and hood and the windshield, then move to the top of the van and clean your way to the back.
  • To reach the top of the van, take a safety stool in order to spray it completely.
  • Wash the front of the van first with a special soap or cleaner that is approved for vehicles. For tough spots you need a vehicle-approved scrub brush. Start cleaning the front of the van and the windshield back to the front door. Make sure you rinse the soap away. Don’t move to the next section unless all the spots are clean.
  • Clean the left or the right side of the van all the way to the back tires from where you stopped at the doors.
  • Clean the remaining part of the van from the from door to the back tires.
  • Next clean the back of the van from the back tires to the back window and the rear bumper.
  • After you finish the body of the van, take a tire scrubber and clean the tires.
  • Rinse the entire van one more time and check if there are any missed spots.

How to clean the inside

  • Remove any trash from the van and put it in the trash bags.
  • Take out all personal items from the van and remove the floor mats and other parts that are movable.
  • Start vacuuming the van from the front side under the driver and passenger seats towards the back.
  • Clean the dashboard and the door panels with a cleaner for hard surfaces.
  • With a paper towel or a white cloth clean the glass mirrors and windows. Clean the floor mats outside with soap and water. Put them back in the van when they are completely dried.
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