Comparing trucks and vans

Always keep in mind the fact that your life and the lives of those close to you can depend on the reliability and handling of your car. This is why you must buy the best van or truck that you can. However, it might be quite difficult to compare trucks and vans.
You need to be well organized and to follow the bellow directions in order to be able to make the best choice.

What to use: pen, paper.

  • Take a piece of paper and write down 2 columns: one containing the features that are critical to you, and the other one containing features that you would like but are not absolutely necessary. Use the internet or consult your local dealer to cross the vehicles that don’t have the critical features you need off the list. Rank the remaining vehicles by the number of critical features they have.
  • Write down a list with a new row for each year, make and model of vehicle you would like to buy. Complete the first row with the estimated highway and city fuel efficiency. You can find this information via the internet. Cut off from the list all vehicles that you could not afford to have because of the raised fuel costs.
  • Compare the safety ratings and check the recalls on any vehicle that are still in the running. You can find this information at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • Check the vehicle’s dimensions and see if it fits the dimensions of the objects that you will need to carry. Also make sure that the number of seats and safety belts involved are sufficient. Take out from the list the vehicles that don’t comply to these needs.
  • Check with the insurance company how much would the insurance cost you. Find cost information related to the average fuel efficiency. Eliminate from the list any vehicles for which you would not afford to pay the insurance costs. Take into account the fuel costs as well.
  • Take each vehicle that remained on your list and drive test it. Test the acceleration, the braking and steering. Open the doors, fold the seats in, swing the tailgate up and down, test everything you can. Now all you have to do is to rank the vehicles in order of preference. Buy the one that gets the highest rank.
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