Pimping a monster truck

A monster truck gets attention due to size and height. Of course, you want your monster truck to stand out against other monster trucks, to be a party on wheels.

  • Select a sturdy pole that supports a person’s weight and weld it onto the truck.
    Before welding, measure the pole and cut it accordingly. Afterwords weld the dancing pole to the trailer hitch.
  • Install 6 colored lights that change into the bed of the truck. You need lights that have adjustable heads so that you can focus them when the party booms.
  • Install a disco ball to the dancing pole so that it can slide from the top of the pole to its middle and back while it’s spinning. You have to adjust the changing lights in order to hit the disco ball.
  • You will also need a monster sound system. You can change the side panels of the truck with house outdoor speakers. If you want bass, install a sub-woofer and increase the amps.
  • You have to pimp up your tires, so purchase the largest chrome spinners available, The goal is to minimize the amount of rubber that can be seen above the rims.
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