Renting a cargo van

In case you are moving you should consider renting a cargo van and not a moving truck, as cargo vans are easier to load and to drive. Moving vans have a separate box for loading and they are larger than the cargo vans. Cargo vans are usually clean, so your items will be kept in good condition.

What to use: driving license, moving dates, credit card.

  • Find a rental company that is located in your area. In case you don’t know any, search via the internet.
  • Establish the period when you will need the cargo van. When you know the date, call for a reservation.
  • Look for coupons prior to making a reservation. Use the phone book or search online fro promotion code.
  • In order to make a reservation, you need the credit card and your driver’s license information. Check the dates and times and be sure that the company will be open in order for you to be able to pick up the vehicle or to drop it off. Some companies are closed on Sundays for example.
  • For picking up the cargo van you have to provide information related to your credit card and driver’s license. You will be given to sign some documents that state the price , the taxes and fees. Read and understand the document before you sign it. You can be extra charged in case you go over a certain amount of miles.
  • You have to return the van at the established date and time. Find out beforehand where you can drop the vain in case you are driving to a different location.
  • Check if the rental company asks you to fill up the tank the moment you return the van. There are some companies that don’t ask this, but they charge you for the consumed gas. It’s advisable to fill the needed gas by yourself.
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