Renting a one-way van

There might be instances when you need a van fro transporting people, pets or items. In such situations a one-way van rental is the best solution. You can address to a moving truck company, but you can also contact a passenger car-rental company.

About moving vans
You can rent a moving van online. You can also find coupons, because there are discounts when renting a van on working days.
Companies offer discounts to seniors and to members of AAA. You have to reserve the van online or at the closest budget rental facility. Select the drop-off location.

You can as well rent passenger vans that have removable seats. You can find those at car-rental companies. They offer discounts and unlimited miles for renting online.

About the passenger vans
You can rent a moving van or a van for people transport. There are many car-rental companies that rent passenger vans that have 15 seats, or luxurious vans that have televisions and refrigerators.
There are companies that rent both passenger and moving vans. You can rent a GPS as well, in order not to lose your way.
Some companies have kiosks in different locations, so you can get out of the rental facility in a convenient way.

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