False things said about Xenon bulbs

There is a rumor saying that Xenon bulbs discolor plastic lenses. This is not true. The Ultra Violet filter installed protects the lenses from any damage.

Second.There is no connection between the color temperature and the temperature of the bulb. The color temperature refers to the color that the light emitted by the bulb has. It can be white, or white with a little blue or something like this. It doesn’t matter what temperature the color is, because this will not melt anything.

But have in mind that the higher the color temp the less light it will provide. This is another debate. So between 6000k and 6500k the light is the same but as you go up the light decreases very rapidly.  So decide to a small temperature color if you want better quality light.

Another issue is the difference between HID bulbs and normal Xenon headlights that just replace halogen bulbs. The HID’s lifetime is around 3000 hours, so this is definitely longer than the 350 – 400 hours lifetime of halogen bulbs. But the problem is you’re not allowed to change your halogen headlights with an HID conversion kit because it is illegal. Instead you can replace the halogen bulbs with xenon bulbs, which give 9 times more light but last only 250 – 300 hours.

As we were saying HID conversion kits are illegal, but many people don’t know this.  The only way to make this work is to change them entirely with your car’s manufacturer, but be sure this will cost a fortune.

Now, if you really want performance from your and good looks, then definitely try the xenon headlights.

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