How to upgrade your car’s headlights

How many times didn’t you see expensive cars on the road at night with an intense blue headlight look?  That is the light produced by the HID (High Intensity Discharge) xenon headlights. They function in another way than the halogen bulbs. Instead of a filament being heated, there is a high voltage spark that ignites the xenon gas inside the bulb, and that produces the light.

Normally the light produced by xenon is white, but due to refraction inside the metallic reflector and glass lens, the color appears to be blue.

If your car didn’t come with HID xenon installed, you can replace your existing halogen bulbs, with xenon bulbs, the compatibility being perfect; all you have to do is change the bulb.

There are some legal limitations concerning the intensity of the light. Replacement xenon bulbs are legal, but for vehicles like off-road or rally cars, which are not limited by street rules, there are darker high wattage blue bulbs, especially to impress the audience.

So, in the end, you won’t only have a better looking car but also grater visibility on the roads and more security when driving at night.

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